When gender bias pits women against women - By BEN BARRES

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When women are required to fit into tightly defined feminine roles in order to be accepted, those who are willing to act as expected often end up in opposition to those who aren’t. Women who behave in traditionally feminine ways may find women who behave in traditionally masculine ways off-putting, and vice versa. In this way, gender bias can create conflict among women.

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Likewise, professional women who have succeeded by playing by men’s rules may have a lot invested in proving that “that’s what it takes to be a serious professional.” Women who seek to change the old rules may feel shocked and betrayed if more established professional women don’t support them.

So-called “mommy wars” are one type of gender war. Mommy wars are particularly acute in academia because of the high percentage of women who do not have children. Sometimes childless women who may be regretful that they never had children, may think: “I gave up so much, why should she have it all?” “Child-free” women, who never wanted children, may feel that mothers seeking to change the old rules are reinforcing stereotypes by asking for special treatment.

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