New PRONOUNS products in our store

Posted by Regina Carbonell Giménez on

Will you, like really, not get yours?


As a genderfluid woman, I am part of many FB groups of trans, non-binary and genderfluid people. 

And lately, I've seen a few times people asking how to make it easier for others to see which gender we do self-identify apart from the 'so binary extremes as high heels, binders, skirts or beards'. (Plus, from Milk Originals, we don't think those are necessarily man or women clothing, very soon it won't help with pronouns!)

So we decided to create these awesome bags, mugs, shirts and more so you can share your message any day.
please don't misgender me

Mugs, pins, badges, etc will be sold only at C/ Escorca 38, Inca, Mallorca, Spain. An International Transfeminist Space of coworking created to collaborate and change the world. I'll see you there!

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