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So, there's no news. 
Our products are amazing, we know it, you know it and even the president knows it. But all the skills we have in illustration and design, we lack in product description writing.

That's why we decided to give away YOUR FAVOURITE PRODUCT to the BEST PRODUCT DESCRIPTION!

How to participate:
1. Check these pics

2. Write an amazing product description for each one of them.
3. Send us an email with: Your name and address, your email (you agree to be subscribed to Milk Originals Newsletter), all 3 product descriptions and what will you do if you win the prize.

On September 21st winners will be selected live on Patreon, we'll select the winners and send up to three prices for a value of max. $500USD*

1st price: 200$ to spend in store

2nd price: Free product

3rd price: 50% discount in any purchase in-store (one use)

*The amount of prices will depend on the number of participants

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